Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I have these moments sometimes, moments when I just seem to know exactly what is going to transpire, the exact right thing to say or do, the correct direction to take and all of the consequences that go with all of the possible options. I call these moments downloads ever since a beautiful friend of mine first mentioned the term. It really seemed to fit the circumstances. One moment I'm standing there (or whatever *smile*) and the next moment I am in the middle of actions or words I didn't even know were there or didn't know were needed.

These moments are the moments in time when I feel the closest to my divine team; so close that they are almost a tangible presence by my side. When I was just a bit younger, I was always at a loss to explain what was going on and some times, as a result, I did not act on the information I had because I didn't know or acknowledge where the information came from. I also faced a great deal of frustration at times because I KNEW exactly what would work or the right information, residing in a child's body and knowing answers you had no "tangible" way of knowing comes with some downfalls when you are trying to tell the adults around you what they need to know to "fix" the problem *laugh* I am sure you can imagine.

I am sure there have been moments in time where you have felt a similar experience. Sometimes we call it precognition, prescience, clairvoyance (really don't like that word), psychic....whatever... the important thing is not the name we give these moments, but allowing ourselves to trust this information as having a divine source.

These are the moments in time where everything is working perfectly, and like all skills, once practised, it gets easier and easier. Being able to listen to intuitive sparks and trust that the information you are receiving is genuine and guidance is a beautiful moment that helps the journey become smoother.

With love and light 
(and an amazing sense of peace)

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