Monday, 10 September 2012

Riding the whirlwind

This moment in time for me is a really dynamic, exciting and frenzied time. It is a moment where a million things and nothing are happening all at once. It is an awakening, a creative frenzy, a hypersensitive, emotive, uncontrolled  delightful, scary whirlwind of energy...that's just how it is right now *smile*

Please don't think I have abandoned my writing or that my irregularity means anything other than the fact that I am really and truly just going where the wind takes me in this moment and loving every minute of it.

This is a time of immense growth and transition and development, a moment where my whole perception of reality is shifting and changing to meet the needs of the new me that is emerging; so please be patient with me as I, at times, shelter in the cocoon.

I have found the times when I a the most productive and where the perfect flow of events occurs when I am not trying to control, think about or give direction to anything going on around me. The creative explosions that happen every now again, like now, are times where all of those intentions sent out to the universe collide and manifest. The only way to get it all done is for me to just go with it, and abandon myself to the joy and every thing else that goes with it.

I am in love with this moment and all else has to stand by the wayside at times for me to move through *laugh* did that even make sense?

The secret, I think, to getting everything done that I plan to get done is to just step on into the whirlwind and follow my heart.

With love and light

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