Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pour out your heart

The act of catharsis, of pouring out your pain, your joys, your woes, your hurts, your loves, your disappointments...everything... is a really helpful, healing and cleansing process. It is a great way to empty the vessel that is you of all the experiences that may prevent you moving forward or create road blocks, and leaving the door wide open for the next adventure.

Of course, best case scenario is having an amazing human being that will listen (without judgement or buying into those situations...and therefore putting fuel on the fire), yet sometimes this is either not possible, or not advisable. Keep in mind that it will HELP you to be SELECTIVE about the people you pour your heart out to, some people (unfortunately for them) really only desire something to gossip about, your heart is not safe with them.

There is another solution though...

Pour your heart out to your divine team, express yourself freely; you KNOW the divine is not collecting delicious bits of gossip to pass on. Naturally, nothing is a secret from the divine anyway, so they already know what's happening in your life, the benefit is for you.

Alternatively, pour out your heart on paper, write it all out until it's gone, then burn or bury the paper after wards.

The best thing about pouring your heart out to your divine team is that they support you in everything you do and in any choice that you make. Their love is without condition.

With love and light

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