Saturday, 15 September 2012

When you are afraid

One of the most insidious of all human constructs is fear. It can get in under your skin when you least expect it and make you feel as though you "can't" as though there is "danger" as though you are not "worthy" and all of those other things that go with fear.

NONE of these things are real, they are illusionary. While I know this is a really easy thing to say, it can be just as easy to put into place and remember in those times when fear seems to be taking over.

Change in sometimes uncomfortable, and difficult (well seemingly anyway) and these are the times when fear will start to make itself known and try to stop you. This is your brain talking, not your heart; it is the ego, not pure love and definitely not from a divine rule of thumb? If it's negative, it is not divine.

I have a sure fire strategy that works for me when I feel the tendrils of fear start to creep into my thinking...I sing.

Yep, loudly (and badly sometimes) I sing and sing and sing. It is really hard to focus on fear when you are singing. I pick a song that motivates and inspires me, that matches the mood of where I choose to be, and I sing it. Sometimes inside my head, sometimes out loud, but I sing.

Fear is a defence mechanism our brain uses to keep us firmly in our comfort zone. Letting go of fear means embracing the magnificence of the world and all that it offers those who walk boldly.

With love and light

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