Sunday, 16 September 2012

You did your best

Sometimes we get so caught up in our journey and our need to remember or learn new skills that we forget something REALLY important.

Every now and again it is a great and amazing part of our journey to stop and take a quick glance behind us. Think of it a little like driving a car; there is the front windscreen, but there is also a rear view mirror. While it is essential to keep eyes forward most of the time in order to navigate and to keep focused on where we're going, just like driving a car, it is just as important to take a quick glance to the back and sides on occasion in order to be able to see our progress!

Take a minute or two to really LOOK at how far you have come. SEE the journey you have made and give yourself a pat on the back. ACKNOWLEDGE the effort you went to and the moments that have been and gone. Even if you perceive you have failed, give thanks for and credit to, the effort and learning that have happened along the way.

We aren't required to be perfect. My goal is to be the best example of a HUMAN BEING that I can be.

With love and light

P.S. I was thinking of a gorgeous being I know who loves all things car, and I couldn't stay away from this know who you are ;)

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