Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Heal insecurities

It seems there is a bit of a theme to the last few posts...*laugh* not really all that surprising, because when I look back on the things I have been asked to type, they all point to a very similar message over all...

love yourself as you are loved by the divine, then love others in the same way! 

One of the things I have learnt over quite a few years of teaching (possibly more than I am willing to commit to *smile*) is that all learning and growing comes down to one thing...confidence. It is the willingness to try coupled with confidence in your own ability to make the best of a situation that leads ultimately to success.  At times, we are our own worst enemy in this respect.

Healing insecurities (and make no mistake, these are NOT of divine origin, are NOT real, and most definitely are NOT helpful to you in anyway) is a process that is unique to you. I can offer some suggestions based on how I look my insecurities in the face and tell them to "get lost" but ultimately, this one is totally and completely down to each person individually.

Initially, as I began the journey of loving myself enough to live my divine life, this was my biggest hurdle. I lacked confidence in nearly everything. My first step was to write out the person I wanted to be. I wrote a list of criteria that described the perfect me. In reality, this person, this perfect me already existed because it is the real me, the one that did not learn fear and other human constructs. Each time I thought less of myself about something I would go to my list and remind myself of who I AM and I would mentally give myself a shake. It might be something as simple as, "Those people are not laughing at the way I am dressed, or walk or talk, they are best friends who just shared a loving joke and funny story." 

By doing this, I began (slowly) to change the filter through which I viewed the actions of others.

When I was a bit braver *smile* I asked some people I trusted to write me a list of my best qualities and the things they thought I was great at. I still have these lists. This was an amazing exercise, I had NO IDEA people thought I was so fabulous and talented????? 

By doing this, I began (slowly) to see myself as the people who love me see me, and I began to change the filter through which I viewed myself.

I went back in time in my imagination and had a conversation with the primary school me. This is where I learnt insecurity from. I spoke to her at length and offered her the wisdom and courage of more years, and told her she was/is amazing and special and loved.

By doing this, I began to heal the hurts that made me feel less than.

Now, I make the decision that people will judge me no matter what I do, so I may as well be me, get on with living my life and ignore the perception of others. 

With love and light

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