Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Why would you care?????

I down loaded this photo today from a facebook page called Lessons Learnt in Life and was really inspired by the message. 
It got me to thinking again about the attraction principle.

Spending time on the negative things, negative people or their actions, only puts the intent out to the universe that you would like to receive more of the same. The universe only provides, or you only attract, more of what you think the most about. 

I was thinking also of all the time and energy I have consciously invested in dwelling on an aspect of my day which may have involved people being mean, nasty and downright horrible either to me or to someone else. These actions make me a little mad, they definitely make me feel sad and heart weary and also tend to give me a feeling of helplessness to help another see that their actions only cause hurt.

This image was/is a perfect divine reminder that while people may choose their actions to be hurtful and negative, that does not mean it has to be their impact.

Letting go of the actions of others, taking on board only those things that make you feel joyful and full of light, and spending time and energy only on those who share that joy is an amazing way to turn your life to the path you choose for yourself.

With love and light

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