Thursday, 6 September 2012

Meditation tip

Tonight/today (depending in which time zone you happen to be in *smile*) I thought I might take you through one of my favourite visualisations for relaxing and healing. Meditation (like all things spiritual) is a really personal thing, so I really am not going to be offended if you are not partial to this one, however, it helps me immensely in times of difficulty, so I thought it might be helpful.

When I have had a particularly, shall we say "challenging"?, day I lay flat on my back to help me breathe deeply into my belly. I close my eyes and imagine a soft wave flowing up from my toes. I see myself lying on a white sandy beach with my feet in the water as the tide gently comes in. The water laps at my toes, the next wave comes to my knees and so on right up to my chin. As each wave rolls out again, it takes from me all the troubles and cares that have built up in my body throughout the day.

With each breath out, I release the need to hold on to experiences that have caused me hurt or sadness. With each breath in, in inhale the love of the divine and the wisdom to know that my purpose is to be happy.

With this visualisation and through the power of these words I reconfirm my commitment to a loving and forgiving life filled with the purpose of being happy.

Take a moment and, in whichever way suits you best, reconfirm your love and commitment for yourself and your belief that you are amazing.

With love and light

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