Saturday, 29 September 2012

Silence your mind...

The most amazing thing about being who we are as humans is that our soul/spirit/oneness (whichever term you prefer) knows already all that is has to do in order to heal, restore, replenish and carry on with fulfilling our life's purpose.

How is it then that so many people seem to feel confusion, unhappiness and ill health? Myself included on more than one occasion I might add!

The thing that we sometimes struggle with is NOT, not knowing what to do and how to do it, but silencing our mind so that we can listen to the directions we are being given.

If I was asked today what the ONE single most important thing I have remembered in the last ten years, it would be to learn to still my mind, silence my brain/thinking and just listen. This is all I do now when I come to a cross roads, when I am hurting, when I am feeling a little lost, confused or overwhelmed; I sit comfortably, silence the ego and brain based thought patterns, and I listen to what my soul whispers quietly.

Of course the logical next step is to FOLLOW those urgings *smile*

Some of the techniques I have developed over time in order to make my brain just BE QUIET, are to:

1. TELL my brain to be quiet *silly grin* As soon as thoughts and "directed dwelling" or "thinking about" start to happen, I verbally instruct my brain to stay out of it! At the beginning, I had to do this really often, almost constantly for it to work. As I kept this up though, my brain got the message and responded quicker. I changed my habits from dwelling on and picking at things, to just sitting still and listening. Our bodies have terrific muscle memories and can be trained to respond the way WE desire.

2. I remove myself from all noise and distraction. For me this is sitting in a quiet corner of a garden, under a tree, near running water or preferably, all of the above. Nature is a wonderful healer and provides many opportunities for peace, solitude and tranquillity  I find it much easier to listen if I am surrounded by the quietitude of nature.

3. Music, I find, is also a brilliant way to, if not quiet, then to drown out the brain worries and allow the heart and soul to speak. Listening to something soft and soothing, humming along or singing out loud actually flushes the body with oxygen clearing the senses and allowing pure heart to shine through (Great for in the car *smile*)

4. In times when it has been/is really tough to get my brain to mind it's own business, I ask my divine team to step in. I expressly give the divine my permission to flick the switch leaving my brain and ego in the dark while illuminating my soul and heart voice. The visualisation helps me too.

These are some of many different techniques that I have used and continued to use to keep in practise with this skill. It doesn't actually matter how you do it; whatever works for you is the best thing to do. What matters is constant repetition of the skill until your brain learns to stay out of it. In doing this, you can clearly listen to the messages your soul is delivering to you.

With love and light

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