Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just let them be

Lately, I have been put in the same place as some people who really impact upon me. Their actions, to my perception, are illogical, thoughtless and in some cases harmful to others. We are all exposed to this kind of behaviour from time to time. This week, it seems I have seen quite a lot of this behaviour from others.

So I asked myself, what is it I am supposed to know, or to take away from this situation? I dislike being in a position where I make judgements about others, and yet my perceptions of their actions are just opinion and my judgement. *frustrated sigh*

I went to bed asking that my divine team get together and give me the learning and instruction I needed. I asked that I wake up with the "memories" I required to deal with these situations with my divine self, and not the judgemental, brain driven human self who was starting to do some of the talking. *wry grin*

I woke with the thought, "Just let them be." Not all that helpful in the moment, but the understanding of what that means in terms of me and the actions I take has become clearer.

What I understood and have put into place for myself is that we all have the freedom of choice in our actions. There is no one compelling us to be or do anything, it is totally and solely our choice. While I perceived the actions of the other people around me as negative and impacting (which is my right and my choice) they chose these actions for themselves (which is their right and their choice). 

I cannot MAKE  anyone see my point of view, I cannot TELL them their actions are negative and hurtful and spiteful and ENSURE they listen, I cannot make them choose something different. All I can do is choose my response.

This is where the really earth shattering understanding came about for me...

I work and live and chose to be here, on this earth, in this moment, with all of these people. I choose still to be where I am and to associate with the people I associate with. I have work to do...being the best me I can order to continue that work, I have to protect myself from the impulse to judge others, but far more importantly than that, from "buying into" their choices by adding energy and emotion to the situation.

Since "remembering" this, I have instantly become calm and relaxed about these situations and am able to see where the really important moments are for me.

In detaching from the emotion and the angst and hurt, I am able to clearly, firmly and lovingly define my boundaries and then stick to them.

With love and light

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