Monday, 29 October 2012

The magic in a piece of cake

I draw often, and, a lot of the time, beautiful and magical beings are the first thing I think of and the first thing that flows from the end of my pen. 
I call these automatic drawing, there is no forethought, no planning, no thinking about what to draw and how; the image just appears in front of me and then my hands start itching for pen and paper. 

Most often, each image comes with a message, a bit of divine inspiration if you will.

I drew this faery on Sunday and the message she came with is: 

"Sometimes, the only magic you need is a piece of cake."

*laughing right now*

I have pondered for a little about what this message could have meant in it's deeper sense. It is so simple I almost let it slip me by. Her message is really clear when it comes right down to it.

To be grateful for the gifts we are given, to see the amazing magic and beauty in the smallest things, and look through the eyes of wonder and delight.

In doing this, we attract to us those things we love; by letting go of negativity, we invite love into our lives.

With love and light

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