Sunday, 11 November 2012

Horrible moments

Sometimes I have days where I seem to be overtaken by unbearable heart hurt, loss, grief, loneliness and all sorts of heart wrenching emotions. Sometimes there seems to be a cause, other times, not. Sometimes I think I am the only person in the world....*ego much? wry grin*

On these days I find myself judging others...generally the heart hurt comes from observing the actions of others (or experiencing them myself) and I find a bit of a rage building at the way humans CHOOSE to treat each other. I am then a little disappointed and saddened at my own choice...that of judgement.

Coping with one of these days is interesting.

Most of the time I make the conscious choice to go "switch off". This is not a "sticking your head in the sand" kind of moment, it's more like a, "I choose to reserve all response until the energy changes" kind of response.

I keep myself busy doing loving and worthwhile things (in my perception of course) and each time my brain tries to inject negativity, anger, judgement or anything else, I stop, take a deep breath and clear my head. 

I mow the lawn (and the neighbours lawn too) I create culinary delights, I read, I draw, I clean the house...basically I focus all of my energy and channel my intent into doing something, it doesn't really matter what.

For really "bad" days I prefer to focus on physical activities (ones that don't actually involve sport...not the sporting type *smile*) , especially in the garden. I feel better when I exercise out the feelings rather than sitting with them and dwelling on them. There is ZERO point in meditating quietly on these days (not for me anyway) so I get into the garden and weed and mow and water and plant and talk to the veggies depositing all of the negativity and "stuff" at their roots, asking them to change it into love energy before releasing it again. (A VERY helpful visual for me).

Dwelling on how "bad" you feel only makes it worse!

While keeping busy doing "stuff" may not change the reason you feel heart hurt, it does help you to focus your attention on something else. The laws of the universe state that what you focus the most on, is what you get more I choose to distract myself from negative thoughts.

With love and light

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