Monday, 12 November 2012

Moments to regret or to feel protected?

I am reminded again today that my perspective on a situation makes all the difference as to how I view it, experience it, and am left with it in the end.

There are moments in my life where I was being verbally abused by someone where, in that moment in time, I didn't say all the things I was thinking of to say in response. I call this an angelic gag order *smile* Where I REALLY wished later, that I hadn't let the opportunity pass by to say what I really thought. However, what I was reminded of today through hearing a similar story from someone was that, in that moment in time, I am actually being protected from doing myself harm and also from visiting harm on someone else. After all, what I am thinking in a heated and highly emotive moment, in not necessarily what I may be thinking later either. 

I have also had moments where I have inadvertently overheard others speaking about me in a less than favourable way. Hurtful at the best of times. However, I have come to view these moments with gratitude because it is a moment that shows me REALLY clearly, the place from which these people are operating, and allows me to make a clear choice about whether I spend further time with them or not, or take them into my confidence etc. 

There are times too, where I have acted as a victim in terms of relating what was "done to" me, and I am gently, yet firmly reminded today that I allow people and their choices to impact me, or not. Their actions are their choice and therefore so are the consequences. If their choices come from ego, it is they that will ultimately have to be responsible; those choices are THEIR issue, and not mine.

I feel often that my divine team protects me from little traps of ego, judgement and "humanness" through bringing to light the path that those around me have chosen. While in the moment it may hurt to see others perceptions in this light, I now choose to be grateful that I was led to see this in no uncertain terms.

With love and light

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