Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Other humans

All the time I am reminding myself that while I may not be a perception of perfect, in the eyes and heart of the divine (the ONLY place I will accept judgement from) I am a perfect being who is blessed and abundant. It is through viewing myself as if through the eyes of the divine, that I can/am coming to accept the lessons I remember and am reminded of.

As I thought about this today, and events over the past few days of my earthly existence  that a bit of a bomb shell hit me, even though this is not new information to me.

One of the reasons that I do my very best, even though I am human and do not always succeed, to stay away from judging others, even when I find their actions so abhorrent to my own set of ideals or moral compass, is really clear to me now.

The reason I walk a path that mandates non-judgement and forgiveness and love in all things at all times (to the best of my human ability) is because while all those things I said are true about me; and I quote, "I am a perfect being who is blessed and abundant," this is also true of every OTHER being on the planet as well.

When I am somewhat confronted by the actions of others and their choices due to (in my perception) actions based on ego, selfishness, envy, greed and all those rather unpleasant of human behaviours, my goal is to let go of the actions, to not focus on what behaviours are being displayed, and instead focus all my will and attention on the perfect, divine and abundant being that is the true person before me...not the humanness of their choice.

Another instance of what you concentrate on is surely what you will see and then what you will experience more of....yikes!

With love and light

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