Friday, 9 November 2012

Just keep at it

So many times this week I have heard people say, "I am so totally over this week, cannot be over fast enough," myself most definitely included in this!!!

Some weeks, it seems, no matter where people are on their journey or the path they may be choosing to take, we all come into sync on the fact that it's been "one of those" weeks or days. *smile* I love the synchronisity of this for many reasons, the main one being that at least I have an inkling that if everyone is having a terrible seeming week, it is probably some major shift going on energetically and not just me going crazy.

You know what I find the most beautiful, amazing and comforting fact abut the path I have chosen? With my faith and belief in the divine, in myself and in my journey, I can look at these weeks or days, I can wish them done, but all the way through, i KNOW that there is something amazing and wonderful and miraculous just around the corner. In this way, "one of those weeks" never turns into one of those years any more. 

I am comforted by the perspective that all things must come to an end, even a seemingly bad week. All things we experience are really only a moment in time, no matter how terrible they feel and are at the time.

With this in mind...I just keep at it! That is my entire strategy for dealing with moments in time that are awful whether physically, emotionally or spiritually....just keep going, keep standing, keep dreaming keep moving...just keep at it and find the next moment.

With love and light

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