Thursday, 8 November 2012

Rose coloured glasses

I have often been accused of having rose coloured glasses, of not seeing "reality", being too trusting and not really knowing what the "real world is about". People have often told me not to be ridiculous, to come back to earth and to get a dose of reality.

My response to this is....why?

You see, in my "reality," the way I believe the world works, you get what you expect from the world.

 If you expect to have to fight and struggle...then you will. 

If you expect life to be will be. 

If you expect people to let you down...they will.

If you expect that there is nothing for you...then there won't be.

The way I look at the world is to expect miracles and love and joy, and sure, sometimes that means I am a little disappointed when I feel someone didn't "read the script" and at times I feel a little saddened at the way people treat each other (including me). However, my view of the world means that for a majority of the time, I see beauty, love and miracles in each passing moment.

You can only see from the perspective you believe the most in. I make a conscious choice to make that perspective one of hope.

With love and light

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