Monday, 5 November 2012


There are some habits I used to have such as always denigrating myself and or my achievements, meeting every compliment given to me with a flippant remark because the praise made me uncomfortable, always feeling I had to struggle and fight for everything I had and in order to keep it. I didn't feel that these habits were helpful or beneficial for me. I didn't like the way my brain automatically reacted in self sabotage, and I most certainly didn't want to live an existence like this.....

I kept coming back to the adage that "Nothing changes if nothing changes." For quite some time though, I really didn't know how to change those ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour.

One day, as I was reading, I heard about positive affirmations, using powerfully positive words to create a reality. I have to tell you, I was a complete sceptic  I believed in that moment and in that place of my understanding that if the universe was "so damn helpful" and the divine was REALLY listening, then they would, "know what I meant." *rueful smile* I know right.....what I had not yet remembered is that we are CO-creators, with free will, and in charge of our destinies since we wrote our own contract.

What I decided, was that I would put this "ridiculous notion" to the test.

I picked something small...that I really disliked hugs, hated people in my physical space....and wrote a couple of notes saying "I Love Hugs" on them. I stuck these notes in strategic places around the house like the bathroom mirror, the fridge door, beside my bookcase; in places I knew I would see and read them everyday. I left them there for a couple of months, challenging myself to see how often I could read them during the day. You can guess what happened I am sure...I LOVE hugs *hee hee hee* I didn't realise at first that this was actually WORKING! I figured it out much later and was totally blown away.

So, I tackled some of my "bigger" issues using the same method...and that worked too.

I retrained the way I think using a few pieces of paper and some positive words, and the best thing about it is that I didn't even have to believe it would work for it to work!

The basic premise here is that you will believe some of what you read, more of what you see...but you WILL believe 100% of what you tell make it great!

With love and light

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