Sunday, 4 November 2012


Often I have spoken about the use of words and the fact that our words have power. This holds true in SO many ways. The way we voice things has an energetic impact on our "reality". Focusing and voicing all the seemingly negative aspects of our lives, brings about more is the law of attraction...the universe will provide more of what you think about and speak about the most.

On this point as well though, I felt it's necessary today to specifically mention that our thoughts are the same as words to the universe and to the divine.

Our thoughts and our capacity for co-creating are so powerful, in fact, that they have the ability to make or break us.

Most of the things that cause us pain, do so because of the way we think about them.

I know that seems really dumb...after all you can't help thinking about some things, especially things that have a massive impact on you personally...well I know I can't stop thinking about things like that.

The message I got today though clarified this concept for me a little more. It is not thinking about something that makes it painful, it is the WAY we think about it that can be harmful for us.

Thoughts are choice and are subject to our free will. No one can control what and how you think about things, although some people may try to influence those thoughts. *smile* It is one place where we are totally free.

I am practising the art of distancing myself from negativity in my thoughts. So while I may still recall the events of a seemingly negative moment, by changing my thought pattern and viewing the event in my thoughts with detachment and without getting caught up in blaming, accusing, judging or anything else like that (remember I said I am practising) I am finding it easier and easier to move past difficult moments.

With love and light

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