Friday, 2 November 2012


I have often wondered about the concept of "being perfect" and I am unsure what this actually means when it comes right down to it. We are all perfectly divine creatures as much a part of the universe and all of creation as any other part. 

The "striving for perfection", the "struggle" to be perfect, to say the perfect thing, to do the perfect thing, to have the perfect thing all seem to me to be human constructs?

All the time through the messages I am asked to write down or to draw, the reoccurring theme keeps coming up...accept and love who you are, follow your OWN journey and embrace love, joy and forgiveness. To me, this then would be perfection.

The concept of being perfect seems to me to be based on a comparison of some kind...perfect compared to what?

I know that I have moments when I am being a really flawed human, where I am ranting about a perceived injustice, where I laugh at an unkind comment that seemed to be funny for a moment or two. Where I swear...a LOT...where I am unresponsive, disconnected, being amazingly imperfect.

I am not necessarily happy with those moments, however, I don't feel I am any less perfect than I was BEFORE I fell into those traps. What I do, is I forgive myself the moment and move on.

We are ALL born and we all stay perfect...we don't have to strive for perfection; our connection with the universe makes us this way already no matter what each moment brings.

With love and light

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