Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The power of a choice

I felt the overwhelming urge today to rant a little let loose on a powerful surge of dissatisfaction, misunderstandings, injustice (as I perceived it), angst and a whole list of other things. As this diatribe was on my tongue and in my finger tips I stopped  I didn't feel right about unleashing that type of energy, and I definitely didn't feel right about giving more power and energy to situations that I certainly didn't feel appreciative of.

I did what I always do in such situations, I went and sat outside in my garden. Lately I feel I may possibly have worn a groove in my seat out there *sigh*

Slowly, the anger subsided, leaking out of me and into the plants for them to disperse. As this started happening, I started to hear the things, I suspect, my divine team had been trying to tell me all day *wry grin* I started to get flashes of insight on controlling what I could and releasing what I could not control. I felt that overwhelming urge to surrender the whole situation to the divine...slowly, but surely, the need to unleash a diatribe of invectives passed me by.

Frustration led me to this place, relaxing in my tranquil garden in silence and without thinking, released me from taking actions out of this frustration.

I was reminded again that NONE of us are victims, we ALL have the ability to make choices. We are co-creators in our own reality (the other creators of course being the divine) and that there is power in the ability to choose. While I did NOT choose the circumstances I was put in today, I did choose my response. While I may not have chosen to be confronted and judgemental about what I experienced (in the short term response) I did choose not to give in to the impulse to take action on that judgement or to hurt another because of it. While I did not choose the actions of others, I (eventually) did choose not to let their choices spoil my inner peace and calm.

We were given the power to choose in order to release us from the trap of judgement and anger, and to give us the power of co-creation in our reality.

With love and light

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