Thursday, 29 November 2012

There's power in a dream

I am constantly getting messages from my divine team (as are we all) through little impulses and urges, through snatches of conversation, through images, pictures, songs, books and all manner of things. Something occurring once may be a coincidence...when a sign, image, phrase, theme is repeated over and over again in our daily lives, and speaks to us with love and's no is a sign from the team.

One of the most powerful ways that I am inspired, receive messages and generally can be shown the many possibilities are through dreams. 

I give myself time to daydream, to let my imagination run wild and free, to imagine, to dream, to wonder....

Through these dreams, I encounter many a solution, sometimes for difficulties I did not even know would arise. For this reason, I write down what I see and hear through these dreams. After all, I never know when the information I have seen will be of use to me on my path.

Through dreams I have the ability to observe my thoughts and processes, and in not seeking to control where they take me, I am led to the most amazing things.

Through our dreams we magically connect to the divine.

With love and light

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