Saturday, 1 December 2012

Don't spoil your present

One of the strangest things I have come across is the "live in the moment" type philosophy...I mean, I HAVE to be super organised well in advance, I simply MUST plan ahead and have back up plans in place in case the original falls through. If I don't, well, things just don't run smoothly, I get a feeling of immense stress and things REALLY start to go pear shaped from HOW can I "live in the moment/" *she says with contempt and judgement* *sigh*

I think upon this moment, which was for me not so long ago, and I just have to *sigh* loudly! I answer my own question, "You feel this way because you didn't truly understand the concept silly."

Indeed I did not, and sometimes even still, I don't fully understand.

My new understanding of the thought, "Live in the moment" is that I can choose to enjoy every minute that passes (or as many as I feel I can) and not spend time worrying about "what ifs?", missed opportunities, failures, embarrassments, what I did do, didn't do, will soon do, may very well do and all of the rest...

I can make plans, set goals, create pathways to my hearts content (and indeed I do *smile*). What I choose NOT to do, is spend time in worry, stress and in listening to my brain and ego throw out all sorts of scenarios in order to frighten me into staying comfortable.

Don't spoil your present by fearing the future.

With love and light

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