Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Not a moment is wasted

I am asked to remember today that not one moment of our time here is a wasted moment whether we are procrastinating over doing something, whether we are in a moment of pain or grief, whether we are in a place or a job we would rather not be in r whether we are in a moment where we feel completely connected and at peace with ourselves and the world...all of it matters and not a moment is wasted.

Each moment we live is a moment we are remembering more about the contract we signed and the path we choose for ourselves. Each moment allows us to more perfectly walk the walk and to grow into being more perfectly us than the moment before. Even if the moment is teaching us what we do not wish for ourselves. 

I find myself remembering conversations with my senior art class where I was asking them to show me and demonstrate to me who they are as people, yet without using words or pictures of themselves. The concept title was "Symbol Soup" they were being asked to define who they are and who they choose to be using symbolism and moving away from the literal. Hard ask! However, one of the conversations that emerged as they thought and felt their way through what I asked them to do was the concept of defining who we are, by stating what we are not.

It seems then, that I am asked to remember this conversation to highlight to myself that moments that seem very much like ones I would not possibly have written for myself, and yet I have obviously humanly chosen to be in through free will, are moments where I am able to define my direction, by being confronted by what I "am not" or what I would no longer choose.

I asked the question of my team today, "May I know more, may I rewrite the contract so that I can remember all of the information that led me to sign?" In other words, can I know the whole picture, thus reducing the frustration of following each little step without knowing where it will lead. The answer was simple and immediate..."Yes."

I suddenly woke up to the understanding that the limits in knowledge, foresight and in outcomes all come from me. I CHOOSE to withhold this knowledge from myself at times, and if I can choose to withhold, I can also choose to have full disclosure.

Suddenly, as this thought occurred to me, I felt at peace, and all the things I was concerning me with no longer seemed to matter any more (well at least not in the sense that I need concern myself with the outcome.) I felt freer and lighter. YAY team *smile*

So, I walk into the world with my new set of understandings tomorrow and see where they take me.

With love and light

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