Thursday, 6 December 2012

Celebrate who you are

I am often my own worst critic, which in some ways stands to reason. You see, no one knows me as well as I do, so, naturally, I know all of my "flaws" and "imperfections" better than someone else knows them too *smile*

One thing I know and have faith in though, is that I was created a perfect being, and I am still a perfect being. So, while there are things I would desire and work towards changing (I could stand being a little less judgemental at times) I also know that there are so many things to celebrate about being me.

I don't wait for birthdays and Christmas or any other special occasion to celebrate and rejoice in the amazing things about me, and I most certainly don't wait any more for anyone else to point those things out to me *grin* 

When I come to a new understanding, I celebrate, when I successfully harvest the bounty in my veggie garden, I celebrate, when I make a great decision, I celebrate, when I follow my divine team and listen to my heart, I celebrate and so on and so on....

Look into your heart, REALLY look, and you will find all of the magical, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, inspiring things there are to celebrate about being you!!!!!

When we do this, when we take time to celebrate being who we are right now, we are sending amazing waves of gratitude and love out into the universe. In sending these thoughts out, we acknowledge all of the things we are thankful about. 

The laws of the universe state that you get more of the things you think the most about. Focusing on the beauty and the reasons to rejoice being you, tells the universe you want more of those things that make you amazing...and so it is!

With love and light

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