Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Stamp of Approval...

I was sitting in my garden today enjoying the wonder and the beauty of the sunset that has been magnificently enhanced by a massive smoke haze from surrounding bush fires. I was gratified by the beauty of the moment, and thinking that even something as potentially destructive and heartbreaking as bush fires can be, have the tendency to produce something magnificent and to be grateful for.

I was thinking, as I looked at this sunset and feeling my way through another sad moment, when I suddenly understood my sadness and seeming loneliness today.

There have been a few days lately where I am having to consciously think of the things I am grateful for and to look for the positive and all of those other strategies. There are MASSIVE energy changes going on around the world (I'm sure you've noticed the impact) and there is a lot in the way of learning/remembering and changing within myself as well. these times for me are often characterised by tiredness, a lack of willingness to engage in activities that I normally revel in, and a feeling of isolation and loneliness.

I came to a new understanding of this today. In a moment I realised that I was actually seeking approval from the people around me in some way. More than that though, I am/have been looking for acceptance and therefore curbing some of my natural instincts and impulses when around others...apparently I am a little too faery like and weird *smile*

So I asked myself, "Why do you need the approval of others?"

"I don;t!" I replied adamantly, "So why are you looking for it then?" I responded with a little sarcasm...... hmmmm..."OK, you got me."

I thought on this further.....

I couldn't really come up with an answer, so I figured this was one of those times when knowing why was not necessary, only recognising the situation, and then acting to change it if necessary.

I immediately asked my team to help me release the need to gain approval. I was sent inside to get pen and paper and immediately drew myself a stamp of approval...*silly grin* I of course, then laughed myself silly. The message, aside from the frivolity was clear...the only one who I need approval from, is me.

Working on it...*smile*

With love and light

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