Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Oh so many diversions....

You know, I often picture myself, as I was sitting there with the Archangel Michael, and we were discussing this journey, and the contract I would sign...often I ask myself whether I REALLY read that contract or whether I was just happily wrapped up in the moment...*sigh*

One of the things I have often pondered along this journey, is why it is I so often get totally wrapped up in "stupid" stuff?????? I mean really, I KNOW and have remembered/learnt all this stuff, and yet, I am often caught up and buying into stuff that just doesn't matter in the scheme of things...you know?

Life, the human life we lead, is a distraction and diversion to keep us happy and laughing while the "real" work gets done. *smile* To me, the real work is the business of beautifully shining my light on the world as I walk through it; to be the best human me I can be; to love unconditionally and forgive instantly...everything else...a pleasant diversion! well...that's what the contract said I'm sure *wry grin*

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my very humanness as I get caught up in what someone said about me, or a perceived insult/slight, or any other day to day thing, which in the long run means nothing to me.

Other times, when the moment has been far more terrible than someone being catty to me, I have had to remind myself to believe and keep knowing that this moment will pass and it too is just a diversion.

Using this thought pattern helps me to get through some of those more...shall we say..."challenging" moments.

We are powerful co-creators in the life we lead...I mean sure, we signed a contract, but that will never be more than we can handle, we knew it when we signed it...but if the diversion which is currently my life is not fun and pleasant, then I get to change those details, I'm telling myself to change something, move on, be different! OK then, message heard self *smile*

With love and light

Some of my favourite diversions

Meeting faery friends and having them share their wonder and belief with me! 

Playing with my somewhat crazy cat!
Making faery journals, drawing, creating, making magic!

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