Saturday, 15 December 2012

Regaining serenity

I hope that by now, having read a few of these posts, it has become apparent to you, beautiful beings, that while I may listen, have faith, believe  and walk a path of love and forgiveness as best I know how...I am also, undeniably human into the bargain *smile.

There have been so many times when I have "lost" my connection with the divine (in other words, too preoccupied with what's going on and buying into the negative to listen) and when these moments come upon me, I feel as lost as though I didn't know there were angels guiding my every step. *sigh* 

At least now, I can remember in those moments, that the team is still there, will ALWAYS be there, that no matter how lonely, I am never alone. 

All the platitudes in the world don't help though in a moment of helplessness, of heart aching loneliness or of extreme grief and pain.  Yep...I have these moments too...human remember *smile*

Connecting with nature has always been one of the things that has helped me to ease the ache, or to regain some semblance of balance within my soul. Even before I realised that my heart and the divine, were constantly giving me the information I needed to walk the path I choose and to be happy, I sought out nature when I felt particularly aggrieved  Sitting by the beach, watching the waves continue their endless march in and out, sitting in a garden under a tree, walking through a particularly old, and nurturing part of rain forest, or just sitting outside on the grass...all of these things have helped me immeasurably, and many others besides.

Regardless of what creed you believe  or whether you think there are a divine team of beings guiding your steps or a conscious universe acting in accordance of your intentions, nature can have a healing impact when you feel lost and dishevelled and a little afraid.

Try it out when you are hurting. Go and sit in the garden and let your thoughts roam and wander where they will. Sit silently, or talk, or sob, or whatever takes your heart in the moment. Look at your surroundings or sit as though seeing through the environment. None of this matters. Just being surrounded by nature has the ability to heal; to restore some sense of calm and serenity.

For me, I always take pen and paper with me when I seeks out nature's healing comfort. Inevitably, as I sit and feel the hurt drain from me, and a calm peace sooth me, I start to hear my heart again, and when my heart is whispering to me, I make sure I am taking notes.

With love and light

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