Sunday, 16 December 2012

Smiling when your heart hurts the most

This is one of those arts that I have perfected over the long-term, smiling and "putting on a good face" so that no-one even suspects I am hurting at any given time. Walking through the world with no one aware of what is going on inside my head. While this has been, for me, a survival skill, it has changed over recent years into something more positive. I am thankful, therefore, for all the times I used this tool to help me hide, because it has taught me to use it for a far better purpose now.

I look at the world sometimes, and I shake my head, my heart hurts, I feel complete bewilderment and sometimes anger. A world where little ones are not always safe in their classrooms, where cruelty happens to people and our animal friends daily, where slavery still exists and so many starve and are without help when they need it. 

In times like this, while my heart is hurting and I just want to weep, I find smiling, finding something to be happy and grateful for, is the first step to healing. I am not just talking about being brave or putting a good face on it. I am talking about genuine joy and gratitude even for the smallest thing. This kind of love sends out an energy. I cannot give those little ones back their lives, nor can I provide food and freedom and basic rights to the MANY who lack for them. What I can do, and it is no small thing, is I can send my love to the world, I can be grateful and joyful and allow that loving and positive energy to infect others, and still more others. I can ask forgiveness for those who I perceive need it, and I can send love and comfort across the globe in empathy.

I don't find that ranting and raving without action a healing and helpful thing, not for me, not anymore.

Sending love into the world tonight

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