Monday, 17 December 2012

Walk past the human moments

So many times misunderstandings and arguments have come up in my life because I couldn't (or more likely wouldn't) walk past the human moments.

By human moments, I mean when someone is acting (in my perception) selfishly, ignorantly, said something I have taken personally or out of context, me reading my personal baggage into a completely innocent statement, arrogance and rudeness etc. 

When faced by one of these circumstances, it is at times rather difficult for me not to act as a riled cat with my tail all fluffed up, hissing and spitting and generally carrying on. (There's a nice visual for you)

A lot of times, I have acted, in what I saw, as "self-defence" immediately going on the attack and taking no prisoners ..the down side to having a solid vocabulary and the willingness to use it, is that in these moments, so much damage can be done that there is no room for understanding and forgiveness later when the mistake has been realised.


In later years, as I have walked further down my path and come to a deeper understanding of the concept that we are all of the same source, all beautiful and divine in our own way, and all possess the right of choice and non-judgement, I have managed to cage the cat somewhat *laugh* Still, she is sometimes there beneath the surface.

Now, I practise what I call "walking past the human moments." (Notice I said "practise")  I choose silence in the face of all of the scenarios I described above, even when it is REALLY obvious to me that someone is trying to get under my skin or being deliberately and wantonly rude or ignorant. In the moment of silence, I look for the light being that is all of us in essence. I look past the humanness of the actions, and really attempt to see the person who has affronted me. With that moment, I am usually able to discover part of the reason/reasons for the persons behaviour, I am able to remind myself that I should remember that all of us are fighting one battle or another and it is not fair or right to judge when I don't know the story. In short, by giving silence, I give myself a moment to step away from judgement and to embrace forgiveness and understanding rather than judgement...then, the "need" to retaliate is passed by.

I want to say also, that I used to see this as a weakness, not retaliating when others are rude or offensive. I used to think I had not stood up for myself or put myself forward....what I know now, is that I accept responsibility for only one persons own.

With love and light

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