Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Seriously exciting and energising stuff

Firstly, let me offer my apologies for my prolonged and unexpected absence. There are moments in time for writing, moments in time for growing, for listening, for changing, for thinking for feeling etc. I write these posts from my heart, as I am guided to do. I never intended for there to be such a long absence between postings, but hey...you gotta do what you've gotta do...and what I had to do was to grow... *smile*

So many different things have been happening over the last month or so, chapters closing, doors opening, a new story burgeoning (seriously exciting) and growth for me as a person.

I have taken a lot of time on my own to delve into the direction I wish to take and to feel my way through some obstacles.

I have discovered many secrets to being a better me, and have also learnt some more about healing myself of hurts both past and present.

Don't worry, I will most certainly be sharing these things with you over time...trust me, it's too much all at once *laugh*

The one thing I focused a lot of energy on and spent a great deal of time in contemplating and talking to the team about was/is the direction I am currently taking. I set my intentions for the year we have burst into all of a sudden, and am walking that path already.

It was quite a simple process really, although at the time it seemed magnificent and huge *wry grin* as I suppose all things just recently remembered seem to be. 

I sat myself down in a quiet spot with pen and paper and wrote my way through the year that had been; the heartaches, the trying times, the lack of understandings, the joy, the sorrows, the uplifting and the moments that seemed to drop out from underneath me. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Page upon page of the year that was poured forth. In short (sort of *wry grin*) I sat down and wrote myself a letter about the journey travelled. I couldn't help but feel uplifted by the number of pages pouring out of me. The fact that some of those pages detailed some not so pleasant moments was/is irrelevant ..I thought to myself, "Just look at how much I experienced!"

I set that letter aside, no need to read it further, I lived it after all. Having put aside the moments that I had already walked through, I looked to the moments to come and set my heart on a mission. The journey? Who am I....

On small pieces of paper, I wrote actions that the me I wish to be would take, for example, "Choose to forgive even though no apology was offered," and "love unconditionally and without stopping to discover if the other is worthy." and other such things. This is the person I AM, I told myself. This jar of papers are my self guide, in moments when the way doesn't seem as clear as it does now, I will be reading those pieces of paper to remind myself and put me back on the path.

I then decorated a second jar titled "2013". While I would love to take the credit for this one, I didn't come up with the idea *smile* it came from a Facebook message. This jar started with nothing in it, however, as a beautiful, wonderful, magical experience happens to me throughout the year, I will be writing it on a piece of paper and popping it into that jar. As the year progresses, the jar will continue to fill and then this New Year's Eve, I will open the jar and relive all the magic of 2013 and rejoice...great place to end and to begin.

Three small things that I could accomplish with relatively small amount of effort that have acted to propel me into 2013 with freshness, rejuvenation and hope....FANTASTIC way to begin.

A lot of stuff happening on the work front too (my real work that is...the work of being a light bringer *laugh*) and a lot of exciting things to follow here *does a happy dance, clapping her hands and singing a tune* 

I would love to hear the events that have bought you into this new moment...feel free to share.

With extreme amounts of love and light

P.S. If you feel like a dose of unconditional love right now...feel free to pop in on the new facebook page run by myself and an amazingly angelic fellow light bringer called "Love Bubbles" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Bubbles/405815306169457?fref=ts

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